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Rebecca Ellen Kurtz's fascination with archaeology, ancient religions, and mysticism began early in life.


At 21, Rebecca Ellen transfigured - her spirit and soul shot out of her pores, terrifying her that she would explode into a million pieces.  Henceforth, she became a medical enigma.  At 23, she was struck by lightning, giving her a mystical power boost, which also affected her physical body.  Due to these experiences, it led her on a path to explain the supernatural and the spiritual realms and mysteries presented in the Bible through quantum physics, mysticism, ancient religions, archaeology, alchemy, and the Bible from a Judeo-Christian perspective.


Yeshua/Jesus presented Rebecca Ellen with a challenge one night during worship, “Rebecca, if my death and resurrection fully restores you from the curse, why don’t you live like Adam and Eve did before the curse?”  Rebecca accepted the challenge promising Yeshua, “I will have to look into that.”  Yeshua chuckled and replied, “I know you will.”  Since then, Yeshua has been guiding her research and experiences to help her understand the mystery in the promise of the manifestation of the Sons of God in the End Times.


Rebecca Ellen has spent countless years accumulating research on the trans-cultural,  trans-era historicity of spiritual and multi-dimensional beings not bound by previously held beliefs of physics but opening the mind to understanding the laws of quantum physics.


True to her archaeological training, Rebecca Ellen headed to the primary sources of the ancient writings from many religious and nonreligious texts rather than later interpretations to be less susceptible to bias and outside interpretation.  She wanted to know what the ancients had to say for themselves.


Rebecca Ellen Kurtz is a consummate student and knows there is no end to the pursuit of knowledge; therefore, she presents a large amount of her research in her projects so that each person may determine what he or she believes for themself.



Rebecca Ellen Kurtz worked as an actress, model, Radio Personality, and Collegiate Policy Debater.  Rebecca won first place in Poetry Reading countless times, placed "Third in State" at the Tournament for the Champions of the Champion, and was invited to the Virginia's Governor's School for the Arts.  In college, Rebecca Ellen Kurtz was chosen by Harvard's Dramatic Arts Chair for th female role in the Mid-West Dramatic Tour.  "She wasn't acting the Goddess of Love," he explained.  "She was the Goddess of Love.  She stole the whole show in five minutes."


Although Rebecca Ellen Kurtz has been told that she is a natural actress for her entire life, it took a "name" Hollywood director to lend urgency to those words.  "You are indeed a rare natural actress," he stated with conviction, "and you really need need to be in Hollywood!"  Rebecca now makes her home in the Film Capitol of the World.


Before the Move...


Professionally, Rebecca Ellen Kurtz spent several years teaching History, English, Bible, World Cultures, Religion, and Ancient Civilizations - with a focus on Ancient Religions, Mythology, and Mysticism.  Rebecca Ellen also worked as a park ranger and tour guide at Appomattox Court House National Historical Park.


Rebecca Ellen Kurtz received her Master of the Arts Degree with a track in Producing for Cinema and Television.  Primarily acting as a producer, Rebecca Ellen also wrote, directed, edited, and created visual effects for a number of professional projects.  Four of her films were distributed through DirectTV.  After completing her Master's Degree, Rebecca Ellen Kurtz wrote and produced fifteen TV episodes for Reel Good Films that aired on the NRB and Credo Networks.  Rebecca Ellen also consulted as a historical consultant for docudramas' wrote and produced Public Service Announcements; wrote and produced for the Virginia Arts Festival and for the International World War II Collaboration honoring World War II Veterans; and produced music videos.


Rebecca Ellen Kurtz has traveled extensively in order to see the world through the eyes of other people and other cultures.  Rebecca Ellen gained notoriety as an amateur archaeologist with the release of her doctorate level archaeological researched novel series "Sons of God."  This series of novels deals with ancient religions, mysticism, and the ancients' knowledge of modern-day quantum physics.  Rebecca Ellen Kurtz is credited with creating a new genre in her Sons of God series - bridging ancient religions, mystery cults, and mysticism to modern-day religions, mysticism, paranormal phenomena and quantum physics.


Rebecca Ellen Kurtz's novel "Sons of God" became a Kindle Best-Seller.  It began the "Sons of God" novel series and franchise, incorporating "Rebeca Ellen Kurtz:  Mystics."  Her doctorate level research on ancient religions and mysticism led to speaking engagements at Emory University and dozens of live radio interviews across the nation, including ESPN.  Yale University was so impressed with Rebecca Ellen Kurtz's work that they invited her to apply for their prestigious religion and the Arts Grant.


Writing Specialty:

Rebecca Ellen Kurtz is a passionate amateur archaeologist and an expert on occult mysteries.  She has traveled extensively, studying both religious and non-religious primary texts.